Navillera Episode 1 Recap

Navillera Episode 1 Recap

At the table, his granddaughter Eun-ho is advised to work hard, or she’ll find yourself like his uncle Seong-gwan. And then Lee Chae-rok’s story starts, and his coach Ki Seung-joo is berating him for not being ok. He wonders why the dancer is hesitating and asks if it’s about his father.

A 70-year-old with a dream and a 23-yr-old with a present raise each other out of harsh realities and rise to the problem of turning into ballerinos. Netflix helps the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. Learn extra about our use of cookies and data.

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Despite his old age, Deok-Chool promises that he’s stronger than he looks and desires an opportunity. However, his ardour does remind Seung-Joo of Chae-Rok from 4 years prior. This is enough to spur Seung-Joo on to make a big decision. He wants Chae-Rok to teach Deok-Chool how to dance. Eventually this leads Deok-Chool again to the dance studio the place he witnesses Chae-Rok dancing majestically. Chae-Rok is heading for the orthopedics the place he’s bandaged up ready for his massive audition.


Hope the drama would not get tooooo gradual-paced or boring although. For now the pacing appears alright and the following ep seems prefer it’ll have some laughs thrown in. I’m loving the feeling the scenes evoke, with its muted autumn colours and melodic piano rating. The sparse dialogue and quiet scenes make me really feel like I’m watching a movie instead. Amidst the action-charged Vincenzo and Sisyphus which are on-air proper now, Navillera seems like a pleasant calm respite from all of the gunfire and CGI visible effects. I’m loving how we get to have a simple going drama a day after being overwhelmed psychologically by vincenzo hahaha.

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Lee Chae-rok waits outside the jail facility for him; nevertheless, his father doesn’t come. He asks an officer about Lee Mu-yeong; he’s advised he’s already been launched. His father then rings him and explains how he has a job; Lee Chae-rok sobs as his father tells him he’ll be in touch. He tries to ring the payphone again, but there’s no reply. Episode 1 leaves the viewers whether or not Lee Chae-rok will be able to deal with reconnecting with his father.

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